Welcome! Your journey through the heart of Balzac’s Paris begins here! Before you engage the thrilling destinations of Balzac’s Paris, there are some helpful instructions to facilitate your navigation through the web exhibit. The exhibit is organized into a four-component sequence, Locating Balzac’s Paris, Balzac’s Paris, Visiting Balzac’s Paris and the Epilogue. It is highly recommended that you follow the sequence to prevent becoming lost within the exhibit. To maneuver through each component there are arrow keys with a topic heading at the bottom right corner of each page. This will allow you to navigate to the next appropriate section. Furthermore, each main component is divided into sub-sections and topics.

To view a particular sub-section, click on the links at the top of the appropriate page. These will link you directly to your desired destination. As you examine Balzac’s Paris, you will notice a number of images and maps. Function signs allow you to enlarge an image and zoom in on maps, providing you with incredible detail. The map-viewing feature of Balzac's Paris allows you to browse detailed maps at a variety of scales without having to download huge image files. Features include zooming in and panning over, and viewing from a number of directions (right, left, up and down). This provides a user-friendly environment reminiscent of popular online map services such as MapQuest. Listed below is the tour guide in order to assist viewing throughout the exhibit. Enjoy visiting Balzac’s Paris!

Exhibit Sequence Order:


Growth of a City

Plan de Paris During the Time of Louis XIII (1610-1643)

Monuments before 1800


After 1850: Haussmann and the Creation of Modern Paris


Two Maps

Before the Change: Paris in 1803

The Tardieu Map: 1838


Napoléon as Urban Planner


Louis Philippe’s Paris

The Vision of Félix Dubin


Arc de Triomphe – Champs Elysées – Place de la Concorde

The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile in 1837

Place de la Concorde – 1837

A Promenade of Lucien de Rubempré – 1821

Place Louis XV – Champs Elysée – Arc de Triomphe


Rue de Rivoli – Palais-Royal

The Rue de Rivoli

The Palais-Royal

The Café de Foy

The Café des Milles Colonnes

Raphael de Valentin Loses His Last Louis d’Or

The Galeries de Bois

Lucien de Rubempré Visits the Galeries de Bois


Tuileries – Carrousel – Louvre

The Long View – 1836

The Place du Carrousel and Julie d’Aiglemont

Mariana Is Followed by a Stranger

La Cousine Bette

The Louvre in Balzac’s Time


Île de la Cité

The Heart of Paris in 1852

Lucien de Rubempré and “Carlos Herrera…”


Quartier Latin

The Maison Vauquer

Student Rooms


Rêver la gloire


Dreams of the Right Bank

Dynamics of Balzac’s Paris

A View to the West: Land for Sale

Moving to the Right Bank

Clothes Make the Man (or Woman)

You Are Where You Eat






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