The Balzac’s Paris exhibit was created and online on February 16, 2003. We wish to acknowledge all of the participants who contributed to the exhibit including the Tomás Rivera Special Collections Department and CHASS College Computing. Listed below are the participants and their functions, which brought Balzac’s Paris to life.

Danièle Chatelain teaches French at the University of Redlands. She is the author of Perceiving and Telling: A Study of Iterative Discourse, (1998), and numerous articles on narrative theory.

George Slusser teaches Comparative Literature at UC Riverside, and has numerous publications on science, literature, and science fiction.

Chatelain and Slusser have collaborated in a series of articles on science fiction and narrative, and have completed a critical edition/translation of Balzac’s Le Centenaire, ou les deux Beringheld for Wesleyan UP, to be
published in Summer 2004.

Technical Team
Sean Cox and Ryan Rich developed the graphic viewing tools, specifically the map zoom-in and out functions. Doug Holt implemented the graphic viewing map functions. Stephanie Young assisted in the content changes implementation portions.

Phuong Lynda Tran created the template and all of the web design components including the graphic design features. Lily Lin and Helen Sun assisted in the image enlargement and image placement implementation portions.

Stephanie Wejbe served as the Technical Team Leader organizing all content materials, images, and content design framework.

Project Management
James Lin serves as the overseeing manager and director for the digital exhibit project

Image Preparation
Sara Fitzpatrick is from the Special Collections department located in the Tomás Rivera Library. She prepared all of the scanned images for the exhibit showcase.

Final thanks goes to Helen Harrison, PhD candidate in Comparative Literature, UC Riverside, for her expert editing, often in extremis. Thanks, Helen, without your work, this website would not be what it is.



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